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Here at 'Help Us Beat Cancer' we are on a mission to raise £1,000,000 by December 31st 2019 and then keep raising money for Cancer...with your help we believe this can and will be achieved.

My Fiancee and myself have a real need to help cancer research, not just in breast cancer but in other cancers too. This subject is so close to our hearts that I am lucky enough to only work 3 days a week now so I can spend more time helping and raising money for Cancer Research.

help us beat cancer

We want to help get research into new drugs and ground breaking treatments to get the figure up for cancer survivors.

There is a website that we have put together to give information on all types of cancers and that will keep growing.

There is information on best practices to help prevent getting cancer in all different types of cancers and if you have a certain type of cancer, there is information on what to expect when you go to your doctors and if you need surgery, what type of surgery.

You will also find information on where to go financially for help if you are eligible and lots more information at www.helpusbeatcancer.co.uk



help us beat cancerThere are also videos for you to look at that will give you best ways to check yourself say for breast cancer or testicular cancer and what to feel for as this can be very confusing.

Now I lost my Father to Gallbladder cancer,my, Grandfather to Prostate Cancer, my cousin to Pancreatic Cancer, an old school friend to Skin Cancer, a dear friend to Ovarian Cancer,my ex wife had Cervical Cancer, my sister in law had Breast Cancer also more family and friends lost their lives or are survivors of this horrible disease, this has given us the motivation to put a website together and get a store put up where you can purchase items that raise awareness to cancer.

We have a Pink Store and you will also find items for other cancers such as Prostate Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Bladder Cancer and Testicular Cancer.

There are also gifts that may not be related to cancer awareness but when any one purchases them they can rest assured that 100% of all the profits from that purchase go to this amazing cause.

Our aim is also to bring more awareness to cancer as a lot of times, those that suffer with cancer find it hard to talk to their spouses or visa versa. With the help of the products we sell we want people to wear them with pride and to be able to talk about the cancer we may have or that a loved one or friend has.

Testicular Cancer Bracelet

bladder cancer awareness bracelet


Here at 'Help Us Beat Cancer' we are different to other websites that sell cancer related items, because 100% of all the profits raised from the sale of the items will go to the research into cancer and we will be showing how much we are raising on our website.

Other stores sell products and keep all of the profits to themselves, we want to make the money raised become available for research in to cancer.

We would love if you could Help Us Beat Cancer and even if you don't purchase from the store then make sure you go to our website and read the information available there so you learn more about how you may be able to prevent getting cancer.

We all know that cancer can effect any of us at any time and sometimes regardless of what we do it can not be helped but knowing certain foods we should eat or not eat and doing exercise can help us to stay healthy and maybe keep cancer away from us.

cancer awareness braceletThe website will keep growing and getting more information on there and we would love to hear from you if you would like us to put information there about anything cancer related that you would like to know.


It would be amazing if you are a cancer survivor and you would like to tell us your story.

For some people, reading other inspirational stories helps them get through the dark times...so if you would like to tell us your story, you can send it to us at support@helpusbeatcancer.co.uk we will add it to our blog to give inspiration to cancer sufferers to give them faith and hope that they too can get through this.

If you would be able to do a video from your mobile phone then even better, I run a Video Production Company so I would add an Intro and an Outro and also put music in the background to make your video stand out...

We would love to hear from you.

Let's do this together and 'Help Us Beat Cancer'

www.helpusbeatcancer.co.uk  {Cancer Awareness Information}

www.helpusbeatcancer.com {Cancer Awareness Store}